HOPCO Surplus Electronics


  • What is Surplus?

    Surplus components and material occur for a variety of reasons: overstock, inventory reduction, product termination, project cancellation, purchase of incorrect parts, and many other reasons. Surplus items may be either new or used.

    New items may be factory fresh, inspected/tested and stored, modified for use in equipment, or removed from new equipment. In some cases, new items will have oldish date codes, having been stored in inventory awaiting use or sale.

    In most cases this is of little consequence. Except that you can purchase new surplus at a much lower prices than what you'll find on equivalent new material from your normal distrubutor.

    Used material may range from like-new to slightly broken to totally non-functional. Used material is a very viable and cost-effective source of components for building R&D and experimental equipment.

    Why would someone buy broken equipment? Quite simply, because it can be disassembled to obtain many valuable components at dirt-cheap prices!

    In all cases we try to list the condition of items as accurately as possible. However, if you have a particular need or concern, feel free to EMAIL us your questions.

  • Why Buy Surplus?

    Purchasing surplus items can save you tons of money.

    New surplus from HOPCO is priced 50% or less compared to other popular suppliers list prices!

    In most cases we stock the items shown here at HOPCO. But in some instances, they are owned by others and we list them as a broker. In these cases, we will either sell directly or put you in touch with the owner if they prefer to handle it that way.

  • Categories Available

    We list here only a portion of our surplus inventory, as it changes constantly. Please check back frequently or EMAIL us with your specific needs.

  • FREE Equipment

    Some equipment is available FREE! In all cases, you are responsible for shipping. And, in the case of large, bulky, or heavy items, pick-up is usually required on site. Of course (!) there is no guarantee of any sort with free items, and you assume all liabilities associated with availability, access, pickup, transport, and use.